We are pioneers because:

Because Dolma Tibetan Carpets  has pioneered the process for providing our customers with a truly custom rug.  You decide the theme, size, thickness, texture, quality, and color.  We will provide you with the digital renderings and swatches that will confirm that the rug we deliver will be the rug that you imagined.

You Can Choose

We have more than 100 patterns in our design library. The styles and patterns range from modern, floral, textural, traditional, classical, modified-traditional, and contemporary.   All our designs can be customized to meet the needs of our customers. But we also are happy to use our customer’s own designs.  We will do the artwork necessary to bring those designs into reality.

Sized for any space

We carefully hand manufacture our rugs in any size from 1’ x 1’ up to 25’ x 40’. We can also provide any geometric shape from oval, round, triangular or elongated carpet runner.

Unlimited color

We use our own vast collection of colors and we employ ARS and Pantone colors.  We will also work to provide the exact custom color that our customers require.

Knot count

The greater the knots count the higher the quality of the rug. Dolma Tibetan Carpets are normally produced at 40 to 300 knots per inch. 100 to 150 knots per square inch is the normal count and are preferred by our customers for our custom rugs.


We make use of the finest fibers: Himalayan Tibetan wool, New Zealand wool, Chinese silk, banana silk, bamboo silk, Pashima, nettle, linen, and many wild fibers. We can also work with other specialty fibers that our customers might request.


Dolma Tibetan Carpets are produced with an authentic Tibetan knot making process which achieves a very durable weave. We can also make interesting variations in texture through a broad range of looping and knotting techniques.


We make Swatches which are 1'x1' pieces of hand-knotted rug samples. We normally deliver these within four weeks. These swatches assist our clients in visualizing and in ordering their custom rug.

Your rug

The weaving time of your custom rug will generally depend on the complexity of the design and the size of your rug. Because it is carefully woven by hand, it will normally take about 10-14 weeks for an order to be delivered to our clients.