About us

We specialize in the highest quality of Tibetan carpet made in Nepal; each rug is hand knotted with up to 100 knots per square inch. Our selection includes carpets made of a combination of silk and wool blend in addition to our high-lanolin in Tibetan wool. These products are made from
finest crafts with precision mixtures of tradition and contemporary design. The greatest advantage to the consumers is our wide range of selections of high standard rugs offered at an unbeatable prices in the market. Select from any of the 100s of colors and patterns currently available or you may custom order any color, size or pattern.

Runner Up of Bay Area's Carpet Store by City Voters

"On a street that has more rug stores than coffee shops, this one is my favorite. The first time I saw their rugs in the window, it took my breath away. They have beautiful Tibetan rugs of extraordinary quality. They design is subtle and contemporary. I love Tufenkian's Barbara Barry designs and many of Dolma's designs are similar for a lower cost. I purchased a 5x8 rug last year and love the unique look excellent quality. The rugs are either wool or wool and silk and usually at a density of 100 hand-tied knots per square inch. Interestingly, rugs of high density such as these are impervious to cat scratches!

Beyond just the quality of the rugs, the service is also unbelievable. The owner, Yonten, is so sweet and has a great sense of style. She let me take home and bring back probably 6 rugs before I decided on one. I am currently looking for another rug and they have been just as lovely. Just a wonderful rug store."
                                                                                  Amy H., Menlo Park, CA